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Corrective Foot Solutions are experienced and trusted foot specialists in Tauranga and Parnell, Auckland. We believe that quality of life is important – and that means the ability to move freely! We use advanced hands-on assessment techniques that treat the underlying cause of your foot problems, and provide measurable and objective feedback on your progress. 

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Meet our Tauranga Podiatrist

Shaun McCann - BHSc. (Podiatry)
Structural podiatrist

Shaun McCann – has considerable experience with manual podiatry therapies and the management of lower limb problems. Having prescribed orthotic therapy for several years, Shaun recognised the limitations of orthotics beyond the treatment of symptoms.
Frustrated with the confines of traditional podiatry, Shaun undertook postgraduate training in FMT in Sydney – a technique that he believes can not only alleviate foot pain, but correct foot function and structure in the long term. Having personally dealt with foot problems, Shaun underwent a course of FMT himself, to ensure that he could provide his Tauranga patients with the best level of care. He is now confident in saying that he no longer relies on orthotics and his feet feel stronger. 

Meet our Auckland & Takapuna Podiatrists

Sam Christensen- BHSc. (Podiatry)
Structural podiatrist

Prior to studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry, I suffered an injury to my foot during a football game and was placed into an orthotic to reduce the pain while playing. It was a useful solution at the time, but I believed my feet were becoming reliant on the device, and when I wasn’t wearing the orthotic I suffered discomfort. I also had difficulty fitting them into different shoes and especially football boots and felt that there must be another solution to my problem. Once I had finished my study’s, I worked in a multi-disciplinary setting focusing on musculoskeletal problems, and worked alongside physio’s, osteopath’s and orthopaedic surgeons, further growing my musculoskeletal knowledge and outlook of improving foot function to provide long term change. This led me towards Foot Mobilisation Therapy, an underutilised but extremely effective treatment method for recovery from injury, improving foot function and reducing pain and when combined with exercise prescription, strapping,acupuncture and dry needling provides terrific results for my patients in the Parnell, Auckland clinic. I understand the frustrations of injuries and foot pain as I have been through the experience myself and enjoy working with my patients to help them achieve their goals.

Mohammad Algharaibeh - BHSc. (Podiatry)
Structural podiatrist

Mohammad graduated from AUT with a BHSc in Podiatry after completing his first year of Health Science at the University of Otago in 2015. During his studies, Mohammad has had the chance to work with multiple health practitioners across New Zealand which led him to pursue alternate treatment modalities as a podiatrist. This grew his interest in Foot Mobilisation Therapy as a means for injury rehabilitation and improving foot function without relying on orthotics alone. Outside Of work, Mohammad enjoys keeping active and playing Football so understands the importance of foot function for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Mohammad Is fully registered with the New Zealand Podiatry board and holds a current Annual practicing certificate.

World’s leading Foot Mobilisation Podiatrists

Tauranga-based Shaun has worked alongside, and been mentored by, some of the world’s leading Foot Mobilisation Podiatrists, including Ted Jedynak (Adelaide) and Daniel Fitzpatrick (Sydney). He has successfully treated hundreds of patients in Sydney using Foot Mobilisation techniques, and now specialises in moving his patients away from surgery – particularly for bunions – and providing an alternative to orthotic therapy. He is delighted to bring this new and exciting podiatry technique to Tauranga and Auckland. Shaun is registered with the New Zealand Podiatrists Board and holds a current Annual Practising Certificate. ​ BHSc. (Podiatry)Level 8 Foot Mobilisation TherapyAdvanced Certificate in lower limb musculoskeletal acupunctureAdvanced lower Limb Dry NeedlingLower limb ART Active Release Techniques

Come and meet our fantastic team

Our podiatrists in Tauranga and Parnell are all registered with the New Zealand Podiatrists Board, members of New Zealand Podiatry and hold a current Annual Practising Certificate. ​

BHSc. (Podiatry)
Level 8 Foot Mobilisation Therapy
Advanced Certificate in lower limb musculoskeletal acupuncture, Advanced lower Limb Dry Needling, Lower limb ART Active Release Techniques

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