Are you a fashionable women with a bunion? are you worried that its getting worse?

Meet Lorraine, aged 60. Lorraine had advanced bunions bilaterally (the big toe turned inwards), and she was concerned that they were getting larger. Lorraine was referred by a local and well known Naturopath Karen Niven.

Corrective Foot Solutions

Lorraine was pleasantly surprised to hear that we could actually straighten the big toe and reduce her bunions, without affecting her work and change in footwear.

 After establishing Lorraine’s personal goals, we conducted a thorough assessment in her initial consultation, which included an x-ray.

This was Lorraine's initial x-ray.

podiatrist tauranga

As you can see below, her initial x-ray confirmed a bunion angle of 33 and 35 degrees, whereas the ideal angle is 12-15 degrees.

We decided on a course of Foot Mobilisation podiatry in conjunction with specific strengthening exercises. Lorraine’s treatment produced improvements within just a month. To her credit, Lorraine was enthusiastic about her appointment's and exercises. Early in the treatment Lorraine mentioned she could see her toe had started straightening and the exercises were getting easier to do.

In Lorraine’s case, the four weeks were the most intense aspect of the podiatry treatment, with reduction in the frequency of her visits after that.

As we do with all our bunion corrections, we sent Lorraine for a follow up x-ray to measure her results. Lorraine’s bunions had reduced by over 10 degrees, which is a huge improvement. The great news is that with minimal ongoing treatment, we will be able to further straighten the bunion until there is no deviation.

 After x-ray


Well done, Lorraine! In Lorraine’s case, there was no need for expensive surgery and time away from her job. With minimal ongoing treatment we would expect her toe to continue to straighten. Contact us now to see if we can help you 079250269. Find out more about what our podiatrists treat online.

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Finally, a Podiatry solution to fix your aching body. FMT is a extremly effective alternative to expensive surgery and orthotics. You can also wear the shoes you want!

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I have no pain in my calves or feet and I can now wear my ballets flats and high heels with no pain!.

Felicity W

See what our clients have to say

I've noticed a significant change in my bunions. My feet feel a lot more free!.

Lorraine N

See what our client have to say

I'm so relieved that I did the treatment because I was told, surgery was my only option for my feet.

Grant O

See what our clients have to say

For the first time my feet are pain free, I don't wear orthotics anymore and my bunions feel and look great! Highly recommend!.

Janette Newman