Hobbling With Arch Pain?

Hobbling with arch pain?


Plantar Fasciitis is an extremely common foot complaint at Corrective Foot Solutions. Clients typically complain of sharp symptoms that cause trouble when getting out of bed in the morning or at the end of the day. 


Meet Janine, who was recommended to us by her osteopath when she had been struggling with foot pain for 12 months. She is a keen walker and hiker so was really concerned when her foot pain began to interfere with the activities she loved.


Janine mentioned that she had tried strapping and orthotics which only provided temporary relief and was sick and tired of having to rely on short term solutions.


We recommended a mixture of regular manipulation, stretching and exercise to strengthen and realign her feet. We reviewed her progress after 4 weeks and Janine happily explained that she was feeling 80% better.


With minimal ongoing treatment we completed her recommended treatment plan and followed up with an x-ray to measure the alignment of her feet. 12 degrees of correction was noticed, and her symptoms were gone.


2 years later we caught up with Janine, and she mentioned she was doing her multi day hikes and regular walks up the mount with no pain. She also said “I’m thrilled to have found a long-term solution.


This was a fantastic result with Janine, and we are happy that she doesn’t need to wear orthotics or strap her feet anymore.


If you are struggling with arch pain or you know someone who is too, please forward this email onto them so we can get a positive result like Janine!


Contact the Tauranga clinic - 07 9250269 or the Auckland clinic- 09 2129250.

Mention this email and receive a $30 Active Feet Assessment : Usually $97. Expires 20/04/22


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Finally, a Podiatry solution to fix your aching body. FMT is a extremly effective alternative to expensive surgery and orthotics. You can also wear the shoes you want!

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See what our clients have to say

I have no pain in my calves or feet and I can now wear my ballets flats and high heels with no pain!.

Felicity W

See what our clients have to say

I've noticed a significant change in my bunions. My feet feel a lot more free!.

Lorraine N

See what our client have to say

I'm so relieved that I did the treatment because I was told, surgery was my only option for my feet.

Grant O

See what our clients have to say

For the first time my feet are pain free, I don't wear orthotics anymore and my bunions feel and look great! Highly recommend!.

Janette Newman