Is arch pain slowing you down?

Normally, heel pain or pain in the arch of the foot is due to a condition called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot pain. The condition is brought on by misalignment of the joints, leading to inflammation of the tissue under the bottom of the foot (known as “fascia”). The pulling causes small tears in the tissue, which bleed and cause considerable pain. Often, the pain is noticed during the first step of the day or following periods of rest. This can be a serious problem and will eventually restrict daily activity if left untreated. The longer plantar fasciitis is left untreated by a podiatrist, the more treatment that is required – with attendance time and costs involved. Fortunately, we address the underlying cause so you can move freely and maintain an active lifestyle.

What causes Plantar Fasciitis?

 There are two main causes of plantar fasciitis.

  • The way you walk (also described as the alignment of the foot). Foot posture that is out of alignment creates increased stress on the supporting soft tissue structures, leading to small tears in tissue and pain.
  • Tight muscles. The calf muscle is the main contributor, as it stretches behind the heel and inserts near the tissue under the bottom of the foot (known as the “plantar fascia”). The close relationship between both structures means that tight calves place tension on the plantar fascia around the heel.

Why should I get treated for Plantar Fasciitis?

If you’ve ever experienced heel pain, then you already know that it can make even the little things feel difficult. Our Tauranga podiatry patients say that they struggle to stand for long periods of time, playing with the kids gets harder, and exercise becomes near impossible. Plantar fasciitis does not heal itself – it’s important that the underlying cause is treated so that it doesn't recur.

At Corrective Foot Solutions, we believe that quality of life is important – and that means the ability to move freely! We use advanced hands-on assessment techniques that treat the underlying cause of your foot problems, and provide measurable and objective feedback on your progress. We love seeing you get back on your feet – whether it’s walking that extra kilometre, keeping up with the kids, running or just being able to wear the shoes you love.


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I have no pain in my calves or feet and I can now wear my ballets flats and high heels with no pain!.

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I've noticed a significant change in my bunions. My feet feel a lot more free!.

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I'm so relieved that I did the treatment because I was told, surgery was my only option for my feet.

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See what our clients have to say

For the first time my feet are pain free, I don't wear orthotics anymore and my bunions feel and look great! Highly recommend!.

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